Ripple CTO David Schwartz è una balena XRP

Ripple CTO David Schwartz è una balena XRP

Il CTO di Ripple David Schwartz all’inizio di questa settimana ha detto al mondo quanto XRP possiede ed è una quantità significativa – il che lo rende automaticamente una balena.

Schwartz è uno degli architetti originali del Ledger XRP. In un recente tweet, ha Bitcoin Revolution rivelato che lascerà il suo lavoro quando il prezzo della terza più grande moneta criptata arriverà a 1 dollaro. Schwartz ha inoltre notato che attualmente possiede più di 1.000.000 di XRP, che si stima valga 610.000 dollari ai prezzi odierni.

Sebbene il CTO non discuta l’esatto ammontare dell’XRP in suo possesso, ha chiarito che ha meno di 10.000.000 di dollari XRP. Al prezzo attuale di 0,61 dollari, questa cache XRP equivale a 6.100.000 dollari.

Diciamo più di 1 milione e meno di 10 milioni.
– David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) 24 novembre 2020

Come al solito, Twittersfera aveva molto da dire. Alcuni si sono chiesti perché il CTO Ripple abbia poca esposizione all’XRP, mentre altri fondatori di libri contabili come Chris Larsen possiedono miliardi di criptovalute.

Altri hanno notato che David ha scelto uno stipendio e azioni della società Ripple invece di un’enorme quantità di XRP.


Quest’anno il responsabile della tecnologia al Ripple ha fornito tonnellate di dettagli sul suo portafoglio di criptovalute. In ottobre, Schwartz ha rivelato quanto si sia pentito di aver scaricato enormi quantità di BTC, ETH e XRP a basso costo. All’epoca, ha spiegato che lo ha fatto come parte di un „piano di derisione“ di cui ha discusso con sua moglie.

Più recentemente, Schwartz ha detto di aver perso almeno 300.000 dollari mentre commerciava altcoins senza nome come FLASH, TIX, KUDOS, DICE, KIND, VEZT, BEE, AMP, NRN, SIG, e PRYZE che hanno finito per essere senza valore.

Mentre è una persona avversa al rischio che non ama mettere molte uova in un paniere, David Schwartz possiede ancora notevoli quantità di BTC, XRP, piccole quantità di BAT e ETH, e piccolissime quantità di poche altre crittocurrenze.

Chart pattern shows: Bitcoin could drop to $12,000 before it rises again

Bitcoin and the whole crypto market are showing some signs of strength on this relatively calm morning for the markets.
After a brief trading surge below $17,000, the benchmark crypto currency has firmly regained this price region.
It is now trying to rise higher as the bears lose strength, which could be a sign that its recent lows of $16,400 are a long-term low.
In the medium term, market trends depend entirely on Bitcoin – and on whether or not it can stabilise.
One trader is now pointing to a pattern whereby BTC could soon see a sharp decline, with the coin falling to $12,000 before recovering.

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market are currently in a consolidation phase following the recent market-wide decline.

This moderate trading favours bulls, as BTC and most of the old coins have climbed higher during the last day.

Where the overall market trend will move to next depends on whether Bitcoin can confirm $17,000 as a long-term support level or not.

However, a trader is now pondering a potential scenario in which BTC drops to $12,000 before finding enough support to overcome the resistance that exists around its all-time highs.

Bitcoin gains momentum after recent sell-off
Bitcoin is now trading nearly $1,000 above its multi-day lows, with the recent drop to $16,400 clearly a reflex response to the culmination of several factors that are seen as potentially declining.

BTC is currently trading at $18,120. This represents a remarkable decline from the recent highs of $19,500.

Rejection at these highs, coupled with fears of a new wave of regulation, caused the price to fall – but now these fears seem to be subsiding.

Trader indicates: Bitcoin could plummet to $12,000 immediately
One trader now tweets that Bitcoin could be on the verge of falling towards $12,000 before it can find enough support to climb back up to its all-time highs in the upper $19,000 region. He writes with reference to the chart below:

„Three pointers: – this is just one scenario, one of many that describes the most brutal correction I can imagine – probabilities? I don’t know, many other scenarios to consider, too early to mention – don’t bet downwards on this, it seems that many people want this.“.

Picture courtesy of Bitcoin Jack. Source: Bitcoin Jack: BTCUSD on TradingView.
The coming days should give an indication of where the whole market will go next. A sustained increase in trading above $17,000 could see Bitcoin rise back to its all-time highs.

IOTA becomes an industry partner of the TU Vienna research group

A new research project at the Vienna University of Technology has dedicated itself entirely to the topics of interoperability, blockchain and IoT. The IOTA Foundation is involved in the long-term project – and does not just want to advance its own network.

The IOTA Foundation has joined the newly founded DLT research group at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) as an industrial partner

The group is part of the Christian Doppler Laboratory Blockchain Technologies for the Internet of Things (CDL BOT) and researches the interface between the Internet of Things (IoT) and distributed ledgers-Technologies (DLT) such as blockchain or the Tangle from Immediate Bitcoin. As the latest addition to the Christian Doppler Research Association, the project is financed by state subsidies. Margarete Schönbock, Federal Minister for Digitization and Business Location, also made the opening on November 26th.

IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener is pleased in a corresponding blog entry the IOTA Foundation on the cooperation:

We are honored to be part of this long-term research project and thank the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs for recognizing and supporting the enormous potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology for building a more transparent, trustworthy and networked one Economy.

However, IOTA is not the only representative from the blockchain industry to have joined the venture. The Austrian Bitcoin exchange Bitpanda is also involved in the project: with its research arm Pantos.

In order to take the industry to the next level, the interoperability of blockchains and the integrity of data should be the top priority. We believe that our partnership with the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the IOTA Foundation allows us to stay at the forefront of interoperability development, one of the greatest complexities in this young but steadily maturing industry to solve,

Bitpanda CEO and co-founder Eric Demuth is quoted in the press release.

IOTA + X: focus on intercompatibility

The economist and programmer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schulte. Schulte also emphasizes in his statement the importance of interoperability for the future prosperity of decentralized networks and the Internet of Things:

With the increasing number of potential applications for DLT-based payments and data exchange in the Internet of Things, new DLTs need to be integrated and interoperability between different DLTs becomes necessary. I look forward to […] finding new solutions for this highly topical issue together.