Binance Coin (BNB) Finds Support After $ 32 Reject

BNB is trading between support at $ 26.50 and resistance at $ 32.

Both daily and weekly indicators are bearish

The BNB / BTC pair created a double dip pattern.

Binance Coin (BNB) price has struggled to break above the resistance of $ 32 since the end of August.

The indicator have turned bearish and Binance Coin is expected to finalize another fall towards the targeted supports. Then the price could increase again.

Long-term double top of BNB

The price of BNB has been rising since it fell to a low of $ 6.38 in March. The upward movement led to two highs located at $ 33.38 and $ 35.48, in September and then November.

That said, both weekly close were below $ 32, leaving two long upper wicks and strengthening the area as resistance. The move looks like a double top, which is normally seen as a bearish reversal pattern.

Additionally, technical indicators started to turn bearish. The RSI has declined below the 70’s and the MACD and the Stochastic Oscillator are declining.

The daily chart shows that BNB was following an ascending support line from its low at $ 6.38 on March 13, and it came back once more to validate it. A move below this line would likely bring BNB down to support below $ 23.

This timescale more clearly shows the deviation above $ 32 (red circle below). This deviation resulted in a steep fall soon after

Technical indicators are bearish, which supports the possibility that BNB will cross below this line and fall towards the 23 dollars.

Although the two hour chart shows a possible double dip and signs of a bullish reversal, BNB would need to break through its descending resistance line and regain the $ 29 for the short term trend to be considered upward.

MicroStrategy planlægger at investere yderligere 400 millioner

MicroStrategy planlægger at investere yderligere 400 millioner USD i Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) er en deflationær valuta, der grundlæggende skal stige i pris. I det lange løb er dette altid sket indtil videre.

MicroStrategy, verdens største børsnoterede business intelligence-selskab, Bitcoin Loophole annoncerede planer om at investere $ 400 millioner i Bitcoin-provenu fra en værdipapirudstedelse.

Den 7. december annoncerede virksomheden planer om at investere $ 400 millioner i senior konvertible obligationer – gæld, der kan konverteres til aktier i det udstedende selskab. Meddelelsen sagde:

Microstrategy har til hensigt at investere nettoprovenuet fra salget af obligationerne i Bitcoin.

Med den nuværende Bitcoin-kurs svarer USD 400 millioner til 20.833 BTC. Dette ville øge virksomhedens Bitcoin-beholdning til næsten 62.000 BTC.

Microstrategy betaler halvårlig rente til indehaverne af sedlerne frem til december 2025. Virksomheden forbeholder sig også ret til at indløse noterne til kontanter fra den 20. december 2023.

Meddelelsen siger, at MicroStrategy kan tilbyde op til yderligere 60 millioner dollars i obligationer til sine første gangskøbere inden for 13 dage efter udbuddets start.

Værdipapirerne udstedes i henhold til regel 144 i værdipapirloven og er kun tilgængelige for kvalificerede institutionelle investorer.

Deltag i de millioner af mennesker, der allerede har opdaget, hvordan man investerer smartere ved at kopiere eller blive kopieret fra de bedste investorer i vores samfund til en anden indkomst. Start nu!

Virksomheden går all-in BTC

Som svar på MicroStrategys meddelelse foreslog Gabor Gurbacs, administrerende direktør for New York-investeringsselskabet VanEck, at udbuddet ville foreslå en digital aktivfond snarere end et børsnoteret selskab.

På hvilket tidspunkt gør et værdipapirudbud, der hæver dollars med det formål at investere i Bitcoin, et børsnoteret selskab til at være et børsnoteret fond / investeringsselskab?

– Gabor Gurbacs (@gaborgurbacs) 7. december 2020

MicroStrategy skabte ophidselse i kryptoverdenen i august, da selskabet afslørede, at det havde erhvervet Bitcoin som dets primære reserveaktiv efter at have købt 21.454 BTC for $ 250 millioner. Den følgende måned købte den yderligere 16.796 BTC for 175 millioner dollars. Købene blev foretaget via Coinbases OTC- og mæglerplatform.

For blot et par dage siden, den 5. december, meddelte administrerende direktør for MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, at virksomheden havde erhvervet yderligere 2.574 BTC til en pris på omkring $ 19.427 hver for $ 50 millioner, hvilket bragte Har øget det samlede lager af bitcoins til omkring 40.824 BTC.

Ved den nuværende markedsværdi er MicroStrategys BTC-beholdning næsten $ 784 millioner værd. Virksomheden har nu genereret et svar på 65% overskud.

Efterspørgslen efter Bitcoin fortsætter med at stige, og der er intet tegn på, at tendensen skal ændre sig i den nærmeste fremtid.

LayerX develops blockchain voting system with digital identity verification in Japan

„Voting over the Internet brings more challenges with it. You have to prevent double voting and solve the difficulties with the technical hurdles to keeping the ballot papers secret and with the costs of voting machines.“

The Japanese company Layer X wants to team up with the digital identity application xID to develop a blockchain-based voting system in the Japanese city of Kaga

In an announcement by LayerX on Thursday, the Tokyo-based company said it plans to develop electronic voting to ensure safe elections for the city’s 68,000 residents. The company said the cost and stability of current electronic voting systems in the region was a problem that needed to be addressed.

„Voting over the Internet brings with it more challenges. You have to prevent a double vote and solve the difficulties with the technical hurdles to the secrecy of the ballot papers and with the costs of the voting machines,“ said the company’s announcement. „LayerX researched and developed an electronic voting protocol that strikes a balance between the transparency of the voting process and the confidentiality of the voting.“

According to the company, the xID application will strengthen the company’s existing voting system and help verify the voter’s identity

It also ensures that only one voting slip per person is issued. LayerX’s system enables voters to check their own election results . In addition, a cryptographic function is built in with which one can independently verify that the recording and aggregation processes have been carried out correctly with a certain choice in the blockchain network.

Kaga was the first city in Japan to declare itself a „blockchain city“. The initiative was intended to counteract the population decline in rural areas of the country. Companies in the public and private sector are to be encouraged to use innovative technologies . LayerX made a similar announcement in November. The company announced at the time that it wanted to join Tsukuba City’s „Smart City“ initiative.

Thought they were mining a fortune in bitcoins, it was a planetary scam – US extradites responsible

Another Ponzi scheme dismantled – America is no laughing matter with those who try to rip off their fellow citizens. They even go looking for those responsible far from the American borders. This time, it was as far as Panama that the US justice struck, by extraditing one of the main persons responsible for the AirBit Club crypto-scam.

Tens of millions of dollars embezzled

Unfortunately, pyramid scam schemes abound in the cryptosphere, which is teeming with inexperienced investors. In a recent press release, the Department of Justice of the Southern District of New York just announced he has done extradite the co-founder of one of these Profit Secret.

Gutemberg Dos Santos , who has dual Brazilian and American nationality, was first arrested in Panama , before being returned to the United States .

With 5 other people, he is accused of having set up a fake company proposing to invest in the mining and trading of cryptomonnaies :

“Gutemberg Dos Santos played a key role in an investment scam of international scope that promised extraordinary rates of return on phantom cryptocurrency investments, defrauding victims of tens of millions of dollars. “

A subscription scam

Investors, victims of Dos Santos and his accomplices, were encouraged to invest in AirBit Club on the basis of the promise of „guaranteed“ profits in exchange for cash investments in the different levels of club memberships .

Since 2015 , they have encouraged more and more members to join their fake club, thanks to multilevel marketing (MLM) which rewarded members for recruiting new people.

In fact, the money collected from AirBit Club members was used by Dos Santos and his accomplices to afford „luxury cars, jewelry and houses“ and to finance lavish conferences to promote the club, to attract more victims in their net.

The defendants also worked to launder the theft from their system, through several domestic and foreign bank accounts . The judicial authorities estimate that at least 20 million dollars have been laundered.

Dos Santos will face 3 charges , for electronic fraud , money laundering and conspiracy to bank fraud . He faces up to 20 years in prison for each of the first 2 charges and 30 years in prison for the third.

Ripple CTO David Schwartz è una balena XRP

Ripple CTO David Schwartz è una balena XRP

Il CTO di Ripple David Schwartz all’inizio di questa settimana ha detto al mondo quanto XRP possiede ed è una quantità significativa – il che lo rende automaticamente una balena.

Schwartz è uno degli architetti originali del Ledger XRP. In un recente tweet, ha Bitcoin Revolution rivelato che lascerà il suo lavoro quando il prezzo della terza più grande moneta criptata arriverà a 1 dollaro. Schwartz ha inoltre notato che attualmente possiede più di 1.000.000 di XRP, che si stima valga 610.000 dollari ai prezzi odierni.

Sebbene il CTO non discuta l’esatto ammontare dell’XRP in suo possesso, ha chiarito che ha meno di 10.000.000 di dollari XRP. Al prezzo attuale di 0,61 dollari, questa cache XRP equivale a 6.100.000 dollari.

Diciamo più di 1 milione e meno di 10 milioni.
– David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) 24 novembre 2020

Come al solito, Twittersfera aveva molto da dire. Alcuni si sono chiesti perché il CTO Ripple abbia poca esposizione all’XRP, mentre altri fondatori di libri contabili come Chris Larsen possiedono miliardi di criptovalute.

Altri hanno notato che David ha scelto uno stipendio e azioni della società Ripple invece di un’enorme quantità di XRP.


Quest’anno il responsabile della tecnologia al Ripple ha fornito tonnellate di dettagli sul suo portafoglio di criptovalute. In ottobre, Schwartz ha rivelato quanto si sia pentito di aver scaricato enormi quantità di BTC, ETH e XRP a basso costo. All’epoca, ha spiegato che lo ha fatto come parte di un „piano di derisione“ di cui ha discusso con sua moglie.

Più recentemente, Schwartz ha detto di aver perso almeno 300.000 dollari mentre commerciava altcoins senza nome come FLASH, TIX, KUDOS, DICE, KIND, VEZT, BEE, AMP, NRN, SIG, e PRYZE che hanno finito per essere senza valore.

Mentre è una persona avversa al rischio che non ama mettere molte uova in un paniere, David Schwartz possiede ancora notevoli quantità di BTC, XRP, piccole quantità di BAT e ETH, e piccolissime quantità di poche altre crittocurrenze.

Chart pattern shows: Bitcoin could drop to $12,000 before it rises again

Bitcoin and the whole crypto market are showing some signs of strength on this relatively calm morning for the markets.
After a brief trading surge below $17,000, the benchmark crypto currency has firmly regained this price region.
It is now trying to rise higher as the bears lose strength, which could be a sign that its recent lows of $16,400 are a long-term low.
In the medium term, market trends depend entirely on Bitcoin – and on whether or not it can stabilise.
One trader is now pointing to a pattern whereby BTC could soon see a sharp decline, with the coin falling to $12,000 before recovering.

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market are currently in a consolidation phase following the recent market-wide decline.

This moderate trading favours bulls, as BTC and most of the old coins have climbed higher during the last day.

Where the overall market trend will move to next depends on whether Bitcoin can confirm $17,000 as a long-term support level or not.

However, a trader is now pondering a potential scenario in which BTC drops to $12,000 before finding enough support to overcome the resistance that exists around its all-time highs.

Bitcoin gains momentum after recent sell-off
Bitcoin is now trading nearly $1,000 above its multi-day lows, with the recent drop to $16,400 clearly a reflex response to the culmination of several factors that are seen as potentially declining.

BTC is currently trading at $18,120. This represents a remarkable decline from the recent highs of $19,500.

Rejection at these highs, coupled with fears of a new wave of regulation, caused the price to fall – but now these fears seem to be subsiding.

Trader indicates: Bitcoin could plummet to $12,000 immediately
One trader now tweets that Bitcoin could be on the verge of falling towards $12,000 before it can find enough support to climb back up to its all-time highs in the upper $19,000 region. He writes with reference to the chart below:

„Three pointers: – this is just one scenario, one of many that describes the most brutal correction I can imagine – probabilities? I don’t know, many other scenarios to consider, too early to mention – don’t bet downwards on this, it seems that many people want this.“.

Picture courtesy of Bitcoin Jack. Source: Bitcoin Jack: BTCUSD on TradingView.
The coming days should give an indication of where the whole market will go next. A sustained increase in trading above $17,000 could see Bitcoin rise back to its all-time highs.

IOTA becomes an industry partner of the TU Vienna research group

A new research project at the Vienna University of Technology has dedicated itself entirely to the topics of interoperability, blockchain and IoT. The IOTA Foundation is involved in the long-term project – and does not just want to advance its own network.

The IOTA Foundation has joined the newly founded DLT research group at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) as an industrial partner

The group is part of the Christian Doppler Laboratory Blockchain Technologies for the Internet of Things (CDL BOT) and researches the interface between the Internet of Things (IoT) and distributed ledgers-Technologies (DLT) such as blockchain or the Tangle from Immediate Bitcoin. As the latest addition to the Christian Doppler Research Association, the project is financed by state subsidies. Margarete Schönbock, Federal Minister for Digitization and Business Location, also made the opening on November 26th.

IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener is pleased in a corresponding blog entry the IOTA Foundation on the cooperation:

We are honored to be part of this long-term research project and thank the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs for recognizing and supporting the enormous potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology for building a more transparent, trustworthy and networked one Economy.

However, IOTA is not the only representative from the blockchain industry to have joined the venture. The Austrian Bitcoin exchange Bitpanda is also involved in the project: with its research arm Pantos.

In order to take the industry to the next level, the interoperability of blockchains and the integrity of data should be the top priority. We believe that our partnership with the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the IOTA Foundation allows us to stay at the forefront of interoperability development, one of the greatest complexities in this young but steadily maturing industry to solve,

Bitpanda CEO and co-founder Eric Demuth is quoted in the press release.

IOTA + X: focus on intercompatibility

The economist and programmer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schulte. Schulte also emphasizes in his statement the importance of interoperability for the future prosperity of decentralized networks and the Internet of Things:

With the increasing number of potential applications for DLT-based payments and data exchange in the Internet of Things, new DLTs need to be integrated and interoperability between different DLTs becomes necessary. I look forward to […] finding new solutions for this highly topical issue together.

Buying Tesla shares with bitcoins is now possible – Nothing is stopping this crypto exchange!

FTX targets stocks – The Covid crisis and the uncertainties surrounding the re-containment do not appear to affect crypto-finance. On October 29, the FTX cryptocurrency exchange announced that it will now be possible to speculate on certain “symbolic” stocks in cryptocurrencies.

The junction of 2 worlds

From now on, The News Spy app will allow its customers to buy shares of Apple, Amazon or Tesla, with bitcoin, for example. Like the crypto market, these securities may be split , that is to say that it will be possible in particular to hold 0.2 Apple shares. This option is particularly attractive for stocks that have a high cost , such as Amazon ($ 3,247) or Google ($ 1,586). This will prove to be more flexible for investors. 12 pairs of stocks and currencies will be available at launch, exchangeable for traditional cryptocurrencies or stablecoins.

“These products portend a powerful future, in which assets are digitized and traders have unlimited creative potential to express their beliefs in the markets. » – Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX

According to this latter , the financial markets are changing . The addition of these new products reflects the reality of today’s investors. These businessmen come from different sectors and want to make the most of the different opportunities offered by the markets.

A meticulous organization

To carry out this project, FTX collaborated with CM Equity , a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel. The role of this company will be to keep and secure the shares . Such a partnership adds credibility to the project, as CM Equity is an aggregated entity which ensures compliance of all its clients.

In addition, FTX used the company Digital Assets AG (DAAG) in order to tokenize the various financial securities. Note also that the new FTX offer will not be offered in all countries. The United States , for example, which is subject to more stringent regulations , will not be able to take advantage of this offer.

Finally, this news comes at the same time as the launch of TixWix , an ancillary service. This new kind of platform is also developed by FTX. This will allow you to trade in a “more fun and intuitive” way on several financial markets.

Existe um serviço de atendimento ao cliente Bitcoin? Como uma Comunidade Descentralizada Preenche o papel

Como o suporte ao cliente é um aspecto importante de toda organização, muitos se perguntam se existe um serviço de atendimento ao cliente Bitcoin.

A razão não é rebuscada. A capacidade de fornecer bens e serviços para a satisfação dos clientes pode ser uma tarefa assustadora, especialmente no comércio eletrônico e nas transações baseadas na Internet, como o que a Bitcoin Profit oferece.

Em tempos recentes, o serviço de suporte baseado em inteligência artificial (IA) ao cliente está revolucionando o atendimento ao cliente para melhorar o relacionamento com o cliente e a base de clientes. Isto é feito, por exemplo, através do tratamento de perguntas freqüentes por meio de chats ao vivo, autocorreção e autoatendimento on-line.

Questões relativas ao atendimento ao cliente não devem ser tomadas com uma pitada de sal, pois podem afetar a satisfação do cliente com o efeito de atendimento da base de clientes.

A questão do serviço de atendimento ao cliente Bitcoin

Bitcoin é sem dúvida o pai de todas as moedas criptográficas do mundo. É também o maior e mais valioso de todos eles.

Dito isto, as transações Bitcoin podem ser desafiadoras e complexas, pois a maioria, se não todas, as transações são feitas na Internet. Os clientes frequentemente se deparam com problemas como a fixação de taxas de transação, sites de phishing e falsos esquemas de doação.

Na verdade, na época mais comum as pessoas se perguntam se e pesquisam no Google pelo serviço ao cliente Bitcoin depois de perderem seus fundos para os fraudadores.

Também é amplamente conhecido que a interface do usuário (UI) em aplicações relacionadas ao Bitcoin ainda está longe de ser perfeita. Por exemplo, as pessoas mais velhas não consideram o uso de Bitcoin mais fácil do que o uso de aplicações em dinheiro ou cartões de débito.

Em vista destes desafios, as perguntas pertinentes a serem feitas são, portanto, as mais pertinentes:

Existe um serviço de atendimento ao cliente Bitcoin?
Como posso contatar a Bitcoin ou seu fundador?
Existe um número de telefone para a Bitcoin?

Existe um serviço de atendimento ao cliente Bitcoin?

Antes de prosseguirmos, é importante observar que o mecanismo incorporado da Bitcoin foi projetado tendo em mente os investidores.

Por exemplo, considere o problema do duplo gasto; por duplo gasto, entendemos uma situação em que um investidor gasta suas moedas ao mesmo tempo para dois clientes insuspeitos.

Bitcoin oferece uma solução para o problema de gasto duplo ao construir um servidor de timestamp sem confiança e distribuído em uma base peer-to-peer, que dita especificamente qual transação foi a primeira, já que todas as transações são registradas.

Esta característica é também conhecida popularmente como o consenso da Nakamoto. Isto impede que os hackers manipulem a rede.

Sobre a pergunta – Existe um serviço de atendimento ao cliente Bitcoin? É necessário que analisemos o princípio e o princípio orientador do Bitcoin que descreve o Bitcoin como um sistema de pagamento descentralizado.

O dicionário de Cambridge define a descentralização como „mover o controle de um único lugar para vários menores“. Em outras palavras, todas as atividades comerciais em Bitcoin são descentralizadas ou distribuídas fora de um local ou grupo central.

Seguindo o princípio da descentralização, a Bitcoin não possui uma central de atendimento ao cliente centralizada, onde os clientes podem ligar para ter suas perguntas respondidas.

Entretanto, existem grupos de terceiros distribuídos (não relacionados aos criadores da Bitcoin) que aproveitaram a disponibilidade da tecnologia digital para fornecer serviços relacionados ao cliente para iniciantes e potenciais investidores.

Por exemplo, a Coinfomania fornece respostas a perguntas freqüentes de investidores sobre questões relacionadas à compra e venda de bitcoins, mineração de bitcoins, bem como conceitos-chave no comércio de bitcoins. Você pode encontrar estes artigos em nossa seção Guias.

Comunidades e fóruns de bitcoin

Há também muitas comunidades on-line que fornecem apoio e o ambiente propício para o comércio de bitcoin e o investimento para prosperar.


O fórum, possivelmente o primeiro dedicado à Bitcoin, trata de discussões sobre a moeda criptográfica, mineração, últimas notícias, inovações e desenvolvimento de projetos.

Discussões sobre como os iniciantes podem ganhar ou usar BTC e problemas de carteira Bitcoin são discutidos no fórum, com os membros da comunidade sempre prontos para fazer uma contribuição.

Reddit Comunidade Bitcoin

O subredito hospeda uma comunidade de investidores ativos e com os mesmos interesses, que sempre proporcionam interação entre pares, o que aumenta a base de conhecimento dos investidores. É uma ferramenta social para impactar as habilidades necessárias para os usuários de bitcoin.

A comunidade r/Bitcoin, com mais de 1 milhão de membros, é eficiente no fornecimento de conteúdo relacionado ao Bitcoin. Mas, noobs frequentemente obtêm respostas rápidas às suas perguntas colocando-as em r/BitcoinBeginners e também têm uma rica página de FAQ para ajudá-los a começar.

Aqui está um exemplo de perguntas que você pode postar e responder no BitcoinBeginners.

Troca de pilha de bitcoin

Esta comunidade online é dedicada a fornecer respostas a quaisquer perguntas relacionadas ao comércio de bitcoin. É um site de perguntas e respostas para usuários e entusiastas de Bitcoin.

Com as contribuições de membros ativos, o Bitcoin Stack Exchange constrói uma biblioteca de respostas detalhadas a cada pergunta sobre Bitcoin, e tecnologias que suportam a moeda Bitcoin.

Existe um número de telefone para a Bitcoin?

Não, a Bitcoin não tem um número de telefone. É uma rede descentralizada. Embora não haja números de telefone para a Bitcoin, os investidores são livres para fazer algumas pesquisas para descobrir comunidades Bitcoin respeitáveis para interações entre pares e assistência.

Pensamentos finais

Embora não haja estatísticas prontamente disponíveis para provar a eficiência das comunidades Bitcoin, uma revisão do engajamento de membros ativos das comunidades Bitcoin pode servir como indicação de sua eficácia.

Você pode basicamente fazer qualquer pergunta (mesmo as mais loucas que você possa pensar) e encontrará alguém disposto a fornecer respostas. Isto fornece o canal para „pontos de contato do cliente“.

Diese Statistik zeigt, wie klein der DeFi-Raum von Ethereum ist

Diese Statistik zeigt, wie klein der DeFi-Raum von Ethereum wirklich ist

Der dezentralisierte Finanzraum von Ethereum verzeichnet seit Anfang 2020 ein parabolisches Wachstum. In den vergangenen neun Monaten ist der Wert der Münzen bei Bitcoin Circuit, die in DeFi-Verträgen festgeschrieben sind, von rund 500 Millionen Dollar auf 10 Milliarden Dollar gestiegen – eine Statistik, die die wahren Werte möglicherweise sogar unterschreitet.

Gleichzeitig ist bei den Münzen, die den DeFi-Raum betreffen, ein starker Anstieg der Preise und des Volumens zu verzeichnen. Einige Münzen, darunter der berühmte LEND des Aave-Protokolls, haben im Laufe dieses Jahres buchstäblich Tausende von Prozent zugelegt.

DeFI bleibt jedoch im Vergleich zum Kryptomarkt relativ klein

Ein Investor machte kürzlich eine Bemerkung, in der er die relativ geringe Größe dieses Segments des Ökosystems von Ethereum hervorhob und aufzeigte, wohin es in den kommenden Monaten und Jahren wachsen könnte.

Die Krypto-Händlerin Simone Conti hob hervor, wie klein der Raum des Ethereum DeFi im Vergleich zu anderen Krypto-Währungen und anderen Märkten ist:

„Die mkt-Kappe von $LTC ist höher als die kombinierte mkt-Kappe von $YFI, $LEND, $UNI, $SNX. Das ist lächerlich.“

Die mkt-Kappe des $LTC ist höher als die kombinierte mkt-Kappe von $YFI, $LEND, $UNI, $SNX. Das ist lächerlich.

– Simone Conti (@simoneconti_) 20. September 2020

Das heißt, dass einige der weit verbreiteten Kryptowährungsprojekte, die derzeit existieren, eine geringere gemeinsame Marktkapitalisierung haben als eine einzige Blockkette.

Conti ist nicht der erste, der sich diesen Trend zu eigen gemacht hat, was zeigt, wie relativ klein die Anwendungen von Ethereum in Bezug auf den Dollarwert im Vergleich zu den alten Blockketten und Projekten sind.
Verwandte Lektüre: Kritisches On-Chain-Signal sagt voraus, dass der nächste Schritt von Bitcoin nach oben gerichtet sein wird

Raum zum Wachsen

Viele sagen, dass der erwähnte Vergleich zusammen mit ähnlichen Kommentaren zeigt, wie weit der DeFi-Raum von Ethereum noch wachsen muss, um voranzukommen.

Eric Conner, ein prominenter Kommentator und Entwickler des Raumes, kommentierte dies Anfang des Jahres:

„Die Geisterkettenzählung steht vor der Tür. Der Wert der Marktkapitalisierung für Ketten, die niemand nutzt, liegt weit über 50 Milliarden Dollar. Sie alle werden bis zum Ende dieses Marktzyklus durch DeFi-Anwendungen mit tatsächlicher Nutzung usurpiert werden“.

Dies wurde von Jason Choi von der Spartan Group aufgegriffen, der speziell Bitcoin-Gabeln als wahrscheinlichen Kapitalzufluss für die DeFi-Fläche ins Visier nahm, da Investoren nach grüneren Weiden suchen.

„Ich kann keine vertretbare These für die meisten $BTC-Gabeln (LTC, BCH, BSV) auf lange Sicht finden. Mit dem Aufkommen von gebührenpflichtigen Wertmarken im DeFi scheint es natürlich, dass Kapital, das in diesen glorifizierten digitalen Haustierfelsen geparkt ist, entweder an BTC oder an DeFi fließt.

Ich kann für die meisten $BTC-Gabeln (LTC, BCH, BSV) keine vertretbare These auf lange Sicht finden.

Mit dem Aufkommen von gebührenpflichtigen Tokens in DeFi scheint es natürlich, dass das in diesen glorifizierten digitalen Pet-Rock-Gabeln geparkte Kapital entweder zu BTC oder zu DeFi fließt.

– Jason Choi (@mrjasonchoi) 23. Juli 2020

Der Konsens unter vielen Investoren in diesem Raum ist, dass der Wert von Blockketten und Protokollen, die Zugkraft bei Bitcoin Circuit haben, zunehmen wird. Und bis jetzt konzentrieren sich die meisten dieser Protokolle auf DeFi und basieren auf Ethereum.