Bitcoin Market on Low-Risk Bottom: Seller Exhaustion Hits Record High

• Bitcoin accumulation has slowed down in August due to market downturn.
• Bithumb’s fifth largest Bitcoin exodus of 2023 is a sign of investor shift in strategy.
• Record surge in Bank Term Funding Program shows underlying instability in U.S. Treasuries.

Bitcoin Market Slows Down Amid August Downturn

Bitcoin accumulation has seen a slowdown due to the market downturn in August, as indicated by data from Glassnode. This is further evidenced by the fifth largest Bitcoin exodus of 2023 facilitated by Bithumb, signaling a potential shift in investor strategy. At the same time, a record surge in the Bank Term Funding Program hints at underlying instability in U.S. Treasuries and suggests an early 2024 halving event for Bitcoin block production trends.

Heightened Seller Exhaustion Indicates Low-Risk Bottom

The Bitcoin market in 2023 reveals an interesting phenomenon: an escalation of seller exhaustion which has only occurred 15 times before in Bitcoin’s history with four incidences this year alone. This metric is defined as the product of Percentage Supply in Profit and 30-day price volatility, and serves as an effective barometer for detecting low-risk bottoms when both low volatility and high losses intersect. Such events usually present an unusual situation where sellers are weary but the market appears to be at a safe bottom point.

Rare Occurrence Signals Market Shift In Investor Strategy

The increasing frequency of this rare occurrence signals a potential shift for investors who have become tired of waiting out volatile markets while running at a loss for extended periods of time. The heightened seller exhaustion indicates that now may be one such period where investors can take advantage of low-risk opportunities without fear or hesitation due to lack of movement within the market itself or aggressive selling activity on behalf of sellers looking to cut their losses quickly and exit positions prematurely without taking calculated risks or setting up stop-loss strategies ahead of time.

Bank Term Funding Program Hints At Instability In U.S Treasuries

In addition to these signs pointing towards investor confidence returning to the markets, there is also evidence from data via Glassnode that suggests underlying instability within U.S Treasuries may be playing into this situation as well; with record surges being seen within Bank Term Funding Programs – hinting at decreasing liquidity amongst buyers and sellers alike who are not willing or able to meet each other’s demands – causing further economic uncertainty with regards to reliable sources for funding loans or investments over longer periods than expected under current circumstances where traditional banking institutions are struggling with their own financial stability amidst these turbulent conditions across markets worldwide .

Early Halving Event Predicted For 2024 From Block Production Trends

Finally, there are predictions from block production trends that suggest an early halving event could occur sometime during 2024 – meaning miners will receive fewer rewards per verified transaction on the network if it holds true – which could lead price movements even lower if more cautious investors decide against investing until they believe it is safer place again after so much upheaval throughout 2020 and 2021 thus far .