BITX Achieves Record Trading Volume in First 15 Minutes!

• BITX achieves $500K trading volume in first 15 minutes after launch
• Investors flock to Purpose Bitcoin ETF
• Bitcoin ignores correlation with traditional finance with 84% rise in 2023

BITX Achieves Record Trading Volume

BITX, a crypto exchange, achieved a record-breaking trading volume of $500,000 within the first 15 minutes of its launch. This attracted a large number of investors who were eager to take advantage of the new platform and maximize their profits.

Investors Flock to Purpose Bitcoin ETF

In addition to BITX’s success, investors have also been flocking to Purpose Bitcoin ETF. The ETF provides access to bitcoin without having to purchase it directly, which is especially attractive for those looking for exposure without the risks associated with owning the asset itself.

Bitcoin Ignores Correlation with Traditional Finance

Despite its lack of correlation with traditional finance markets, many investors are still confident about bitcoin’s potential for growth. In 2021, bitcoin saw an 84% rise and this trend is expected to continue in the years ahead. As such, many investors are turning towards bitcoin as an alternative investment option.

Bitcoin Trading Volume Skyrockets Ahead of Attempted Coup in Russia

The attempted coup in Russia led to an increase in bitcoin trading volume as well. Investors took this opportunity to capitalize on the volatility and maximize their profits from short-term trades. Some traders had held onto their bitcoins for less than 155 days and sold them off at prices above $30,000 – thus realizing significant returns on their investments.

Mass Profit Taking by Bitcoin Investors

Data from Glassnode shows that most short-term holders opted for profit taking during earlier events such as the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and FTX collapse – where peak fear gripped the market. In both cases, these traders chose to take advantage of market volatility by selling off their assets rather than holding onto them despite market uncertainty.