Ethereum Upgrade: Liquid Staking Tokens Remain in Red Five Weeks Later

• Chinese companies selling synthetic opioid chemicals have raked in $27M in crypto payments.
• Solana CEO deems ChatGPT as revolutionary as ‘Windows and the computer mouse’.
• Coinbase asks for mandamus against SEC, continues to demand rulemaking.

Chinese Companies Selling Synthetic Opioid Chemicals Rake In Crypto Payments

Chinese companies have profited from selling synthetic opioid chemicals through cryptocurrency payments totaling $27 million. The payment process utilizes blockchain technology, allowing customers to purchase the drugs quickly and discretely.

Solana CEO Deems ChatGPT Revolutionary

The Chief Executive Officer of Solana has deemed the chatbot software known as ChatGPT as revolutionary as ‘Windows and the computer mouse’ for its ability to automate tasks and speed up communication processes. This technology has been used by many businesses to streamline their operations and increase productivity.

Coinbase Asks For Mandamus Against SEC

Coinbase is asking for a mandamus against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in order to continue demanding rulemaking from it. This is due to the SEC’s failure to respond adequately or take action regarding certain requests that Coinbase has made of them in recent months.

Prometheum Becomes First Crypto Company To Be Approved By FINRA & SEC

Prometheum became the first company approved by both FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) as a special-purpose broker-dealer, allowing them access to capital markets without going through traditional banks or financial institutions. This approval makes Prometheum one of only two entities allowed within this space, helping it become an industry leader in terms of compliance with regulations set forth by governing bodies such as these two organizations.

Ledger Pushes For Open Source Transparency To Quell Ledger Recover Fears

Ledger is seeking open source transparency in order to quell fears associated with its Ledger Recover tool which allows users to secure their funds after losing their device or forgetting their passphrase/pin code if they are using Ledger hardware wallets like Nano S or X. The company wants people who use this tool understand how it works so they can trust that their funds will be secured when necessary, even though no one else has access to them once they are stored on a Ledger wallet device itself.