Get Paid By the Second: Token Streaming to Disrupt Global Liquidity

• Elizabeth Warren has asked the SEC to investigate Elon Musk’s dual roles at Twitter and Tesla.
• Binance is cutting employee benefits and hinting at more layoffs as profits decline.
• The Financial Stability Board released a framework for global crypto-asset regulation.

Elizabeth Warren Requests SEC Investigation into Elon Musk

Elizabeth Warren, US Senator, has requested that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigate whether or not Elon Musk is in violation of any federal regulations due to his dual roles as CEO of both Twitter and Tesla. As such, she believes that Musk should not be allowed to remain in both positions simultaneously due to potential conflicts of interest.

Binance Cuts Employee Benefits

In light of declining profits, Binance recently cut employee benefits and hinted at more layoffs in the future. These cuts come after months of speculation regarding the company’s future performance amidst a volatile crypto market.

Financial Stability Board Releases Crypto Regulation Framework

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) recently released a framework for global cryptocurrency asset regulation which aims to bring greater oversight into the digital asset space while also protecting investors from potential risks associated with these assets. This framework could have major implications for the future of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Token Streaming Could Disrupt Global Liquidity

Token streaming is an emerging concept that seeks to provide immediate access to funds by allowing payments to be sent continuously – similar to streaming a movie or song – rather than waiting until receiving a paycheck on a monthly or weekly basis. This could reduce latency in the economy and lead to faster transactions between entities spending money around the world.

BlockFi CEO Neglected Warnings Before FTX Collapse

According to court documents, BlockFi CEO Zac Prince neglected warnings about FTX prior its collapse earlier this year despite being made aware of certain issues with its operations by employees of his own company prior to its downfall.