US Crypto Crackdown Ignores AI Danger: Novogratz

• U.S. regulatory agencies have increased enforcement against crypto companies in 2021
• Mike Novogratz questioned why the US government is cracking down on crypto while overlooking the potential dangers of AI
• Multiple tech experts and researchers called for a pause on AI development due to concerns of an AI arms race

US Crypto Crackdown Ignoring AI Threat

The U.S. government has cracked down hard on cryptocurrencies this year, yet Mike Novogratz questions why authorities are overlooking the potential threats of artificial intelligence (AI). Despite recent advancements in productivity, over 1000 AI insiders — including Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk — have signed an open letter calling for a pause on its development to avoid any unintended consequences stemming from an AI arms race.

Regulatory Actions Against Crypto Companies

Since the start of 2021, multiple U.S. regulatory agencies have enforced various actions against crypto companies. Notably, Barney Frank — board member at Signature Bank — raised suspicions when the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) seized his firm with no explanation other than that buyers must not reinstate crypto activities after taking over. Although the NYDFS clarified that their decision had nothing to do with Signature Bank’s involvement with cryptocurrencies, more enforcement actions were filed thereafter, such as the SEC suing Coinbase and CFTC accusing Binance of operating an illegal exchange.

Operation Choke Point 2.0

Anthony Pompliano has recently referred to these events collectively as ‘Operation Choke Point 2.0’ – a program that enforces political ideologies without adhering to relevant laws or due process; ultimately leading to entire industries being marginalized through de-banking practices.

ChatGPT’s Productivity Advancements

The diverse applications of ChatGPT across multiple industries have generated significant attention and interest recently due to its ability to enhance productivity; however, many experts remain concerned about what this could lead to in terms of an AI arms race and its potential unintended consequences for humanity if left unchecked..


In conclusion, many stakeholders remain divided on how best to regulate both cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence technologies given their respective impacts on society at large; however it appears clear that further research should be done before allowing either industry unfettered access in order safeguard against any negative outcomes further down the line..